Aussie of the year

Chris Henman ogv at
Sun Jan 27 18:06:22 EST 2002

Simon Haddon wrote:
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> On 27/01/02, 9:19:50 AM, "Rod Ryan" <rodryan at> wrote regarding
> Aussie of the year:
> > Once again a sportsman! At least Pat Rafter has more going for him than
> > Kathy Freeman.
> Come on now we wouldn't want to nominate someone that really performed
> good deeds for Australia out of the bottom of their heart with no care
> for anyone or anything else.  What about all the fire fighters or the
> people that spend their time helping street kids or the ones that provide
> meals for the homeless.
> Na, give it to someone who doesn't really deserve it.
> > Why isnt it someone like Andrew Tridgell? How is one nominated. You guys
> who
> > know him and live in Canberra maybe you can organise at least a
> nomination.
> > Rod Ryan

And is a resident of somewhere in the Carribean, for the purpose of
(non) taxation.
Oh yes, much more the significant wearer of the tag; certainly for the
current (non) incumbent of the Lodge.

Though I would querie why Rafter has anything more in his favour than Ms
Freeman.  At least she is a local.


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