Aussie of the year

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Sun Jan 27 10:29:46 EST 2002

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On 27/01/02, 9:19:50 AM, "Rod Ryan" <rodryan at> wrote regarding 
Aussie of the year:

> Once again a sportsman! At least Pat Rafter has more going for him than
> Kathy Freeman.

Come on now we wouldn't want to nominate someone that really performed 
good deeds for Australia out of the bottom of their heart with no care 
for anyone or anything else.  What about all the fire fighters or the 
people that spend their time helping street kids or the ones that provide 
meals for the homeless.

Na, give it to someone who doesn't really deserve it.

> Why isnt it someone like Andrew Tridgell? How is one nominated. You guys 
> know him and live in Canberra maybe you can organise at least a 
> Rod Ryan

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