SCSI drives recommendations

James Macnicol jamesm at
Tue Jan 22 11:59:49 EST 2002

> Australian Computer Recyclers ( are advertising 
> 4.3GB HP DCAS-34330 drives for $99 in the mags currently. This is the same 
> price they go for at the markets in Brisbane., and these are refurbished.
> I'm not recommending the company or the drives, I've had no experience of 
> either, but they are the only ads I've seen.

  I think you'll find the DCAS-34330 drives are actually IBM.  I had one of
these for a while, it worked fine.  $99 is kinda depressing; I'm sure I paid
five or six times that when I got mine :-(

  From memory these are only 5400RPM drives so they might be a bit slow.

  Note that 10000RPM 18.4GB Seagates can be had for under $500 (brand new).


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