Linux on Mainframes [or It's Everywhere]

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at
Tue Jan 22 10:54:17 EST 2002

The following appeared in the ACM 'Technews' last week
[ ]

"The Linux open-source operating system has taken off in America's
corporate mainframe sector. Two years ago, a small group of IBM
programmers ported Linux to the IBM S/390; since then, thousands of IT
vendors have downloaded free versions of Linux off the Internet. IBM
claims that over 300 vendors have bought hardware or support contracts for
Linux on the mainframe. Both IBM and analysts say mainframe sales have
jumped as a result: The last four quarters have seen double-digit growth
for the Z-series mainframe. Giga Information Group analyst David
Mastrobattista expects the use of Linux on the mainframe to increase 100
percent in 2002. Linux on the mainframe can also reduce costs for
application software licenses. Companies are finding Linux very useful in
reducing crowding in the computer room, which is being taken up by servers
being used to handle email, Web serving, printing, and other everyday
tasks. Linux allows companies to run a practically endless series of
virtual servers on a single mainframe, and enables them to merge numerous
applications onto one system."


I'm sure not many of you want/need/can afford a mainframe at home [they
are not that big these days :-) ], but this is the sort of article that
'the suits' will read and give credence [understanding is a whole other

My summary: Linux is becoming mainstream, especially for servers, and will
continue so particularly with the backing of IBM.


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