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Sam Couter sam at
Mon Jan 21 16:11:40 EST 2002

Brett Worth <brettw at> wrote:
> My problem is that I cant ping the IP addresses at the WebOne site.  I've
> been trying the two nameserver addresses but neither will respond.

I did something similar when I first got my ADSL set up, and couldn't
work out why. I eventually realised that I was trying to ping a machine
that was firewalled. I picked a different host and it worked.

So try a different host. :)

> 	Does the fact that I have the two ip addresses indicate that I've
> 	been authenticated properly?

Yes. PPP doesn't negotiate the IP addresses, or any other connection
parameters, until after the authentication happens.

> 	Do I have to dedicate the ethernet card to pppoe or can I also use
> 	it to access my local LAN?  i.e. Do I believe the roaring
> 	penguin when he says: "DONT GIVE AN IP ADDRESS TO THE ETHERNET I/F"

I'd believe it. A second ethernet card is cheap cheap cheap, and it'll
stop you accidentally sending packets out when you don't really want to
anyway. You can't even get half-arsed security if you don't physically
seperate your networks.

> 	What's 256K like??  I hope I find out soon. :-)

After being stuck on a 28k8 modem, it screams. 8)
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