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Jim Watson jim at
Mon Jan 14 15:42:42 EST 2002

Does this mean there is only one link from transact to "the internet".
i recall vaguely that webone/transact also went down due to bushfires
but they were not in dickson? I suppose that is more a transact thing
rather than webone?

From: info at
Reply-To: info at
Subject: Fwd: [Info] Emergency Outage Notification
Date: 13/01/02 3:11:28

Emergency Outage Notification

When: Sunday 13/1/2001 00.50 to 04:45, 12.08 to 12.50
What: Transact Link to Internet
Services:  All Transact broadband services, dial-up customer dialing
into 61612500

Details: The link from the Transact building in Dickson to our upstream
provider was down for the periods of the outage.  Transact staff have
advised that they have reset a component of thier network  and this has
restored the service.  Transact staff are investigating the cause of the

problem. All services have now returned to normal.

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