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Steven Hanley sjh at wibble.net
Tue Feb 26 17:19:34 EST 2002

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 03:16:00PM +1100, Burn Alting wrote:
> This may sound a little stupid, but perhaps over the months we can get 
> EVERYONE to talk.
> Basically, I was thinking that anyone who wants to, or can be cajoled by 
> friends or the person sitting next to them, could get up and give a brief 
> talk on what they do in the Linux/computing field. I think this might 
> generate more interest in the meetings ... besides, you get to know more 
> people and they may be in a field that you are interested in. You can always 
> introduce yourself to them and talk with them later over pizza. 
> It doesn't matter if a person's talk is for 5 minutes or 20 minutes.
> I don't suggest we commit the whole meeting to it, but over the next few 
> months we get four or five people (or more) to talk each night ... besides 
> it's an excellent form of "Networking". Fortunately CLUG is still small 
> enough to do this.

well some conferences now days are doing things similar to mini WIP talks
(work in progress) where people give a 5 minute talk on absolutely anything.
Ie quick, show people something interesting/what you are doing it is easy
for new people or people not used to talking to start of with and get their
ideas out there.

There has never been any limitation at clug form people giving short talks
(apart I suppose from perception of the meeting by people)

If anyone wants to get up and talk abotu some subject no matter howw briefly
they are generally welcome I suspect.

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