Bastille firewall and samba

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at
Sat Feb 23 16:14:28 EST 2002


I've been trying to connect to some Windows computers using samba.
However my firewall (Bastille firewall) doesn't seem of mind to let me
do it.  The situation is I am trying to allow my computer to connect to
computers in a Windows workgroup whilst not necessarily letting them
connect to mine (as I have yet to work out how to set up a share
securely and I don't have the time right now).  I've added ports 137,138
and 139 to the line TCP_PUBLIC_SERVICES= in
/etc/Bastille/bastille-firewall.cfg but this doesn't seem to help.  The
only way I seem to be able to get this going is to turn off my firewall
entirely which is not so much a nuisance now but will be a problem later
when I try to set up my own shares.  Any help will be much appreciated!



n 614BC the viscount Wen of Chu had the tortoise consulted 
regarding the transfer of the capital to I.  The soothsayer replied:  
This transfer will be advantageous to the people, and fatal to 
the prince.  The viscount said:  If it would be advantageous to the 
people, it would so also for me.  For Heaven makes the princes for the
people.  If my people would be happy, I would be also, 
whatever might happen to me personally...So having transferred his 
residence to I, the viscount died there in the fifth month of the same
The Sages said of him, that he understood how a prince should 
contemplate destiny.

The Tso-chuan, Narratives of Tso attributed to Tso Ch'iu-ming 
(written sometime in the 5th century BC)

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