Implementing a make command

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Sun Feb 17 16:49:31 EST 2002

Michael Still wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Simon Fowler wrote:
> > Are you looking at putting the filesystem code in the kernel? If so,
> > you most likely /won't/ need your own mount program - mount(8)
> > passes all the information you'll need. You only need an extra mount
> > program to handle really odd stuff like extra authentication and so
> > forth.
> I was hoping for a userland only solution, because this strikes me as
> being a lot easier to debug, and less likely to take my machine to a
> better place.
> I wrote a three line mount program (just says hello in main()), and put it
> in /usr/local/bin (the same location as smbmount). When I try a mount -t
> mikal blah /tmp/blah I get a message saying 'mikal' isn't supported by the
> kernel.

I think you will find that smbmount is loading a kernel module (smbfs) which
does a lot of the work required for the file system to work.


Bob Edwards.

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