Converting MBX to MBOX formats

Doug Palmer doug at
Sat Feb 16 22:17:48 EST 2002

I've been trying out some new mail clients, in order to release me from
Netscape dependence.

For a while, I was using Mahogany, which finally annoyed me into tracking
down a Balsa rpm and trying that. However, I now have a number of mail
boxes in MBX format, rather than ye olde traditional MBOX format; something
that Balsa does not understand. 

There seem to be a number of formats called 'MBX format'. It doesn't appear
to be Eudora and it doesn't appear to be MS Outlook. Would anyone know what
the MBX format used by Mahogany is? And would anyone know of a format
conversion program?

PS. Can anyone contact ? I seem to contact it, but
nothing comes back.
Doug Palmer   doug at

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