Converting MBX to MBOX formats

Doug Palmer doug at
Mon Feb 18 15:22:22 EST 2002

On 2002.02.16 22:17 Doug Palmer wrote:

To answer my own question:

> Would anyone know
> what
> the MBX format used by Mahogany is? 

It's a binary format used by pine and IMAP. It essentially contains the
straight text mail messages, with a CRLF convention, but surrounded by
header information containing message length etc. information, to allow
quick searches and lookups.

It's undocumented as a format. The author informs me that he likes to keep
it that way so that people access it through the IMAP API.

> And would anyone know of a format
> conversion program?

One exists as part of the imap-utils. It's called mbxcvt and can convert
from any recognised mailbox format to any other
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