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Doug Palmer doug at
Wed Feb 6 21:27:53 EST 2002

rod at wrote:

> Sigh, 
> This little gem can be found at.
> Hands up all the linux developers that would like to do their linux 
> developement by cross compiling on an IDE under WIN-NT.

If I'm developing for an embedded environment, which is what this is 
for, then I'm going to be using a cross-development platform, anyway. So 
why not NT?

Well, I can think of several reasons, not least being that "cost 
savings", as touted in the brochure, doesn't add up when compared to a 
free OS. But the major reason for putting the IDE on NT seems to be that 
Intel's ACE framework is only available for NT, along with various other 
goodies, such as a cycle-accurate simulator. Presumably, Intel doesn't 
particularly feel like doing a big porting job.

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