Geek magazines - they've all got to go...

Brad Hards bhards at
Sun Feb 3 16:26:15 EST 2002

In my ignomious past, I've managed to collect a lot of geeky magazines [ eg. C 
users journal, IEEE Computer, IEEE Spectrum, Dr Dobbs, Linux Journal, Linux 
Magazine, Silicon Chip, Electronics Australia, Circuit Cellar Ink] dating 
from the last ten years. Naturally the Linux stuff is more recent.

1. I'm going to put the lot into a big heap in my lounge tonight.
2. First person to offer to collect them on Monday night gets the lot. I live 
in Curtin, right next to the shops.
3. If anyone wants just a few, you get to sort it out.
4. If no offers, and I get motivated, I'll pull out the Linux stuff and bring 
it to a CLUG meeting.
5. Otherwise (no motivation, or all the Linux stuff is gone), what is left 
goes into the recycler.

Let me know.


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