(OT)mirror at WebOne

rob shugg rshugg at kinetitech.com.au
Sun Feb 3 20:28:34 EST 2002

> (warning - rampant speculation ahead!)
> If there was a large amount of transact isp <-> transact isp traffic, they
> might be interested in routing it internally (so they could put off
> upgrading their upstream link for a few months as some of the traffic went
> elsewhere instead), but as things stand, it would just reduce their profit
> (from charging people for bandwidth) without reducing their costs
> (associated in providing links to elsewhere) noticably.

Ok, While we are speculating...
it wouldn't neccesarily reduce profits by doing this.
  but it would add value to their service. I am finding myself downloading all my
large files at work as I dont want to go over my limit. there is no way I would dowload 
big files through webone, it would be cheaper to get a cd from someone or even buy it from
It would however be a good (cheap)way to differentiate themselves from netspeed in order to gain 
market share. this would also be in transact's interest as it would make their service
more attractive. WebOne could use this to leverage their deal with transact. 


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