[SLUG] compiling kernels - built in v module

Geoff Reidy greendog at pacific.net.au
Sat Feb 2 19:45:29 EST 2002

Mick Howe wrote:

>I'm insterested I'm peoples opinions regarding what to build in to the kernel 
>and what to make into modules
>I'm running RedHat 7.1 on a Celeron 533, 640MB ram, 44x IDE CDROM, 2x write/ 
>8x read IDE CDR, with two 4.3 SCSI HDDs, HP SureStor T4 SCSI tape, S3 virge 
>agp video, realtek 8139 nic, Ensonique 1371 sound, Plustek OP600p scanner.
>what do you do and why?

What the other guys said, but I'd like to add that I prefer to compile 
the sound drivers as modules , though you must compile the kernel with 
sound support. This way you can play with the module options more 
easily, e.g. to get a joystick working.
Also you can swap between OSS/ALSA.


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