[Q] OT: Web Hosting?

Karl Schaffarczyk karl at karl.net.au
Mon Dec 30 21:43:07 EST 2002

Well, I'm not biased or anything, but Inspired Networking is pretty 
good - offering web hosting for business from $16.50/month including 
PHP, email accounts, and so on. Support for MySQL and postgreSQL 

Hobbyists can obtain not-for-profit hosting from only $11/month.

domain rego from $27.50/yr

http://www.inspired.net.au/ for more info...


>  > G'Day,
>>  I am looking around for some web space for a colleague of mine who is
>>  starting his own business. He really just needs to have a web presence
>>  (preferably with PHP support) and a couple of e-mail addresses (either
>>  POP accounts or ability to forward mail to another account). Traffic
>>  should be minimal. Anybody got any recommendations / suggestions etc.?
>>  TIA
>I suggest you look at Aussie Hosts, I am a satisfied customer. Rates
>are good, support is unbelievably good. Based in Brisbane and
>offering offshore or Australian based hosting.
>Happy New Year,
>>  -- Donovan
>>  Web: http://www.edye.wattle.id.au/
>John Blue,
>PO Box 542
>Mawson ACT 2607
>email: jblue at bestpond.com
>Fax: +61 2 6291 1119
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Inspired Networking                                 PO Box 132
karl at inspired.net.au                                Braddon ACT 2612
Ph: 1300 30 1222 (customer priority line only)
Ph: 02 6262 6962 (anyone else)                      3/54 Northbourne Av
Fx: 02 6230 1223 (everyone!)                        Canberra City

Website Hosting (dedicated virtual server) from AUD$16.50/month!
Permanent connections from $60.50/month!
Dialup access from $1.10/hour or $24.95/month time unlimited!
Coverage: National local call coverage!

prices include GST.

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