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Buried in the noise down there is "Open-source technologies made progress in
with a note that HP & IBM are creating new OpenSrc products & services...

In this 'Technews' issue there are a couple of other articles of general interest

- Digital Copyright: A Law Defanged?

- "The 10 Best Hype Jobs of 2002"	

"2002 Year in Review"
       InfoWorld (12/16/02) Vol. 24, No. 50, P. 40; Schwartz, Ephraim;
       Shafer, Scott Tyler; Conolly, P.J. 

       The past year has witnessed significant developments in the areas of
       pervasive computing, edge computing, Web services, open source and
       open standards, and virtualization. The expansion of handhelds, wireless
       networks, and mobile infrastructure and standards from the likes of IBM,
       BEA, and Microsoft enabled wireless technologies to penetrate the
       enterprise even further, an important step on the road to pervasive or
       ubiquitous computing; the introduction of the 10GbE standard was a
       notable development, while wireless LAN technology matured. Edge
       computing emerged in 2002 as an important complement to centralized
       computing: Aberdeen Group research director Dana Gardner explains that
       centralized/decentralized computing hybrids will boost productivity and
       network value, while edge computing and identity management have
       started to converge to expedite intercompany information exchange and
       clarify data management procedures. Although Web services still require
       improved security, they advanced this past year thanks to the
       development of tools from Google and Macromedia designed to expand
       their usability, and moves to standardize back-end operations so that
       Web services can seamlessly interoperate. Open-source technologies,
       Linux in particular, made progress in 2002 thanks to several trends,
       including the creation of the Web Services Interoperability Organization.
       Meanwhile, companies such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM unveiled
       products and services that support Linux and other open-source
       technologies. Finally, virtualization made a sizable impact in the storage
       sector, and is making inroads into data centers. A key breakthrough was
       the debut of virtualization across heterogeneous systems, although the
       technology still lacks a universal description.
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