Determining far IP address of NAT/ROUTER

Daniel McNamara daniel at
Wed Dec 18 13:32:14 EST 2002

> I could be mistaken, but don't some dynamic dns have an option not to
> get any  local ip address? This way the remote host uses the ip address
> that you  connected with, which should be your external ip.

Yes thats correct. My DDclient is configured to collect it's remote IP by
simply making a request to and parsing the
result. This method will of course not work if your ISP does transparent
proxying because it will be set to the proxy's IP (I think. Am I wrong
here? I haven't work much with transparent proxies).

Then I've just got my router set up with port fowarding so I ssh to the
Dynamic DNS address and it simply gets forwarded onto the appropiate
machine within the network. Works an absolute charm.



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