ssh batch troubles

Damien Elmes clug at
Wed Dec 11 21:44:31 EST 2002

Howard Lowndes <lannet at> writes:

> I've tried redirecting stdin to </dev/null and to <&-  but neither make
> any difference.

What about stdout and stderr?

> I'm wondering if it's something on the remote box's sshd as that was
> recently upgraded and sshd might be broken when a local cron script tries
> to run ssh to send a command to the remote box; it just doesn't seem to
> send enough back to the local box to tell it to close the ssh connection.
> The difficulty is that ssh works fine from the command line.

So you are running 'ssh server command'? My hazy memory seems to confirm that
ssh didn't always wait on these FDs.

Damien Elmes

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