What kind of laptop?

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Thu Dec 5 09:06:44 EST 2002

I have recently purchased a Toshiba TE2100.  I have both WinXP and Linux 
running on it.  I have found that the only time that I use WinXP is to 
change the BIOS settings for the boot order and if I want to watch a DVD 
without having to touch the keyboard to stop the screen blanking out 
which I'm sure I will work out how to do in Linux.

I had trouble getting any information as to how to configure linux to run 
on it.  I used http://www.linux-laptop.com/ as a guide but there are no 
references to a TE2100 and the TE2000 is quite different.  After about a 
week of stuffing around I managed to get system up and running nicely 
using either RH8 or MDK9.  

I now find that I'm in linux 98% of the time and as soon as I get the key 
bindings for the "Fn" keys and get a program for managing the BIOS then I 
will probably dump WinXP.  It is a nice machine and it doesn't have any 
silly silver/metalic paint on it.

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On 4/12/02, 1:22:48 PM, Chris Henman <henman at pobox.com> wrote regarding Re: 
What kind of laptop?:

> What is the feeling about Toshiba Satellites w.r.t. linux (any flavour).
> I have a Satellite 4080xcdt; PII 330 and 128MB of RAM.
> Comments please.

> cxh

> John Griffiths wrote:

> >So does anyone know a good source for second hand laptops they'd like to
> >recommend?
> >
> >as my chances of getting a Tibook for xmas are diminishing (been a bad 
> >
> >At 12:39 PM 12/4/02 +1100, James McNeill wrote:
> >
> >
> >>But the Tibook is just *THAT* cool
> >>
> >>It look sooo nice
> >>widescreen
> >>1 ghz G4
> >>1/2 gig RAM
> >>DVD burner
> >>gigabit ethernet
> >>
> >>what more d'ya wan't?
> >>Besides, I'd rather give my money to apple, and get a copy of OS X to 
> >>than throw money at Dell or HP and get yet another copy of windows that 
> >>can put in a box the others.
> >>
> >>I'll get a Tibook ..... as soon as i can afford a new car, a house, a 
> >>(v. expensive), and a PDA.
> >>Once i've got all that sorted (in about 55 years), Tibook all the way 
> >>
> >>-JAmes
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
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