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Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Aug 29 17:56:14 EST 2002

Jeremy wrote:
> So did you have to chip it first, or can you just whack a DVD in and boot?
> And yes, MS is hoping to make most of it's money from sale of games, but I'm
> not sure you're actually costing them any money.
> Is the DVD player good?  I was thinking about getting a DVD drive, is the decoder
> in this machine alright?  I guess I could rip and stream over the network, but
> that would be a fair bit of work.
> >
> >I claim first post status on this list to have Linux running on an XBox.
> >
> >For those who may not have been aware, M$ are having a promotion on XBoxen,
> >bundling it with the DVD remote option (normally $70), a DVD title and a
> >copy of some XBox game (who cares about that?) all for $400. Hopefully,
> >they are making a loss, 'cause I am not going to buy any games for it, so
> >they aren't going to make any money out of me!

<mumble mumble> ... yes, I did have to chip it first ... 

The DVD player is quite good under the native XBox OS (I believe it is a
cut down WinXP). Works at least as well as my Toshiba DVD player at home.
Also plays audio CDs quite nicely for a PC. I haven't tried playing DVDs
under Linux yet - I want to get it to netboot first.

I hope I cost them a bit - especially after the special offer (the free DVD
has to cost them at least $20).


Bob Edwards.

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