XBox Linux

Jeremy jepri at
Thu Aug 29 16:33:35 EST 2002

So did you have to chip it first, or can you just whack a DVD in and boot?

And yes, MS is hoping to make most of it's money from sale of games, but I'm
not sure you're actually costing them any money.

Is the DVD player good?  I was thinking about getting a DVD drive, is the decoder
in this machine alright?  I guess I could rip and stream over the network, but
that would be a fair bit of work.

>I claim first post status on this list to have Linux running on an XBox.
>For those who may not have been aware, M$ are having a promotion on XBoxen,

>bundling it with the DVD remote option (normally $70), a DVD title and a
>copy of some XBox game (who cares about that?) all for $400. Hopefully,
>they are making a loss, 'cause I am not going to buy any games for it, so
>they aren't going to make any money out of me!

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