Upgrading my monitor - comments sought

Daniel Smith drs at outpost.dreamcraft.com.au
Tue Aug 20 21:38:27 EST 2002

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 02:06:04PM +1000 or thereabouts, Paul Bryan wrote:
> I believe the Diamond Views are re-badged Acer monitors. I used to fix Acers 
> and know the problem with those 19" ones. I think I even fixed a couple of 
> Diamond Views as well.
> If they are out of warranty, or you don't care about warranty, I could fix 
> them for you. It's only a couple of bad solder joints.

Offer appreciated.

> For every brand monitor (and every electronic device for that matter), there 
> are *lots* of people who have had problems, and *lots* who haven't. Just 
> going on one user's experience isn't going to give you a very good picture. 
> We've already seen in this discussion, one person very happy with 
> Diamondtrons and one not happy.

Note: I've had *no* experience with DiamondTRONs, they are a completely
different beast. Rather than a conventional mask CRT the Diamondtrons
are a modified Trinitron tube as AFAIK the patent has expired on them.
Significantly classier piece of kit.

> Service is the most important part. In this case, there has not been adequate 
> service. That's what I look at. Every monitor is going to fail at some point, 
> it's how it's dealt with that matters to me.

Ya. I'm surprised the Mitsubishi Warranty people don't whip out the
soldering iron if it is as you say, trivial.

> On Tuesday 20 August 2002 12:06, Daniel Smith wrote:
> > On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 09:16:53AM +1000 or thereabouts, Felix Karpfen 
> wrote:
> > >         Diamond View (Mitsubishi Australia); and
> > >         LG (from Iran?)
> >
> > A word of caution, we bought two 19" Diamond Views and they have been
> > less than impressive. When they function they are very good. However they
> > have the horizontal scan of death. What starts as a 'twitch' in the LHS
> > of the display (ie it jumps inward an inch and back in ~0.5sec) rapidly
> > becomes a complete lack of picture. Repeated returns to Mitsubishi have
> > *not* fixed the problem. FWIW it seems to be stable at 800x600. :-(
> >
> > It may be a bad batch, but caveat emptor.
> >
> > Daniel Smith

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