sendmail 8.12. input_mail_filter and local delivery

Damien Elmes resolve at
Wed Aug 14 20:09:54 EST 2002

Hi folks,

Has anyone worked with sendmail and INPUT_MAIL_FILTER before? (for mimedefang
and the like). I've successfully got mail going through the mail server being
filtered, but it seems mail coming from an external address to be delivered
locally isn't getting filtered.

Does anyone have any experience with sendmail's input_mail_filters? I've been
digging around for a few days without having any luck - there seems to be
mention that it's possible, but not how. Words were muttered about getting
incoming mail to be delivered needing to go through a SMTP step before the
local mailer is invoked.

Any input would be greatly welcome!


Damien Elmes

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