Installfest -> JBoss

Terence Kearns tkearns at
Mon Aug 12 14:18:52 EST 2002

Speaking of learning curve, I'm in the process of learning the whole 
Java thing (mainly for severlets and web related apps) and the whole 
JBoss thing seems pretty impressive as an open-source project.

How much experience do you have with JBoss? Enough to do a talk on 
"installing JBoss (and related issues)" at CLUG, being that JBoss is 
open-source and all [and is officially supported on Linux] (I believe 
that qualifies it based on past experience???).

Not meaning to start a flame-war on programming languages...
so, "assuming you wanted to run Java, JBoss... blah blah blah".

Doug.Palmer at wrote:
>>I concour that a general talk on Open Source would be good - 
>>Yesterday I met
>>with final semester students about their "big project", and 
>>more than half
>>of them wanted make VB / MS Access systems.
> How big is "big"? Would they be able to run to Ant/JBoss/MySQL and,
> possibly, JBuilder for an IDE?
> Pros: Develop a real scalable enterprise-style componentised system using an
> application server, just like the Real World(tm). JBoss and MySQL are
> open-source and the design patterns in JBoss are first-rate. (I know my
> group doesn't rate JBoss as highly as some of the commercial appservers for
> performance, but I doubt that your students are going to need 1000s of
> transactions per second throughput :-))
> Cons: Getting up to speed with EJBs, JSPs, etc can be a bit of a learning
> curve, paticularly for those not already steeped in OO. JBoss is a
> relatively programmer-friendly appserver, but they'll still need to learn to
> package and deploy components using raw XML.

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