Strange root login problem

Dale Shaw DShaw at
Wed Aug 7 15:57:36 EST 2002

If this has not already been resolved (I reckon Andrew Bartlett's picked
it), I'd be interested to know if..

	% su root

..achieves the same (successful) result as..

	% su - root

If 'su - root' fails, check your shell's initialisation files (e.g.
.bashrc, .profile, .cshrc, .tcshrc, whatever) for something wrong.

This probably isn't it. Obviously if you are getting a login failure
message back, it's not getting as far as initialising the shell.


PS: Like someone else said -- don't run X as root! It's an unnecessary
security risk.

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Subject: Strange root login problem

I have a problem with Mandrake Linux 8.2 in that I cannot log on with
and root password (login into X window it displays login failed).
I can log in with a standard user account and then issue SU, enter root
password and do root type stuff but not login to a standard root
Any idea's.

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