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Jan Newmarch Jan.Newmarch at
Wed Aug 7 16:56:24 EST 2002

Posting this here because of all the wise heads that know lots of 
things besides Linux...

I would like to make my laptop a roaming phone around the Monash
campuses, so that when people dial the fixed phone line in my
office, it gets picked up by my desktop machine and then uses
VoIP to connect to wherever my laptop happens to be.

I can handle the IP stuff okay (well, maybe). I know there are
PABX <-> computer bridges. But is there a card or box to plug
into an individual phone socket and into my PC that will act as a
bridge between the POTS system and the PC? A modem can obviously 
perform some sort of conversions but I guess I need more than 
that. I am basically ignorant of the telephone system...

(Security issues have already been raised, and will be addresed
in the fullness of time.)


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