Health of Gnome vs KDE

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Tue Aug 6 21:39:21 EST 2002

Jason Stokes (jstok at wrote:
> Without wanting to start off the eternal Gnome vs KDE flame war, it
> seems most every user I hear from these days is using KDE.  Does anyone
> have any knowledge about the health of the Gnome project, and whether
> it's progressing healthily or not?

They've fairly recently released version 2 of their desktop, and the
project is still going along happily as far as I'm aware.

For an idea of what's happening, check out these places:

That being said, I'm a kind-of recent convert to KDE simply because it's
miles ahead in terms of what end users, especially if you're converting
them from MS-Windows to an actual operating system, expect to get.

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