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Howard Lowndes lannet at
Mon Aug 5 07:28:16 EST 2002

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, Dale Shaw wrote:

> I (somewhat reluctantly) give Telstra's ADSL service the thumbs up.  I can't
> complain about the service's general availability, although comments from others
> on the poor reliability of their DNS servers are valid.

I find that using my own DNS is the only way to go.

> Now, if only Telstra would offer static IP on "Big Pond Broadband" ADSL I could
> ditch my permanent modem connection to Big Pond Direct.

"Me too".  The only reason I need my BPD PSTN connection is so that I can
run my DNS.  I also direct incoming email in via the PSTN so as to use the
C105Mb that comes with the $22 /month BPD charge and reduce my quota use
on the BPB ADSL.

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