Telstra ADSL

Mark Purcell mark at
Mon Aug 5 17:56:16 EST 2002

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 07:31:32AM +1000, Howard Lowndes wrote:
> Is anyone out there using or who would like to
> comment on their services.  Is there a minimum TTL you can set?  How do
> they authenticate the updates?

I have been using since I got ADSL 18 months ago.  It's free
and just as good as perm IP. I have a ddclient script in my ppp/ip-up.d
which sets my address here. You can update over SSL, however that said
the liklyhood of intercepting the update packet over pain http is
pretty slim! Unless Telstra really wanted to and then they just do a MITM
SSL attack anyway.

I have quite successfully hosted a mail & web server using dyndns and
regularly ssh back to home base using this address. The ttl is as follows:

msp at purcell:~$ soa              SOA (
                        2015794947      ;serial (version)
                        600     ;refresh period (10 minutes)
                        300     ;retry interval (5 minutes)
                        604800  ;expire time (1 week)
                        600     ;default ttl (10 minutes)

The only problem I could forsee is if my link is down and someone else
obtains the same IP then they would start to receive my email/ web requests,
but in practise it hasn't been a problem for the last 18 months...

Static reverse lookups for joinging freenet (ip-v6) are a bit of a problem, 
but everything else works fine.

Also I don't use Telstra DNS, or mail servers, I send everything direct, but
do use their web proxy mainly for the speed increases.


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