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Emeles u3225202 at
Fri Aug 2 17:12:43 EST 2002

Daniel McNamara wrote:

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> I've been using Telstra ADSL for about 4 months now without to much of
> problem (except for the DNS servers dropping dead on a regular basis but
> you can use alternatives).
> However I opted to go for the self install option to get the 4 port
> Speed Touch Pro ADSL modem/router. At the time (not sure about now) the
> self install cost exactly the same amount as the "professional" install.
> ~ The professional install you only get the Speed Touch Home which does
> require an actual machine to be running PPPoE software. I opted to go
> with the personal install so I could get the STP which handles the
> actual ADSL connection by itself eliminating the hassle of setting up
> any sort of PPPoE software. Out of the box it takes about 3 minutes to
> get the STP online.
> The STP can also do all sorts of nice port forwarding tricks and various
> other functions. Plus you don't have any Telstra tech staring dumbly at
> your machine wondering where the "Start" buttons gone as you do with the
> professional install.
> Cheers
> Daniel

I've already got a firewall running on my machine but I'll probably 
upgrade it
just for more security.

I'll need to look more in to the 'self install' option and the STP 4 
port ADSL
modem. So the STP handles the connection for you.. the STH sounds
pretty poor in that case. I'd figured self install would be a lot easier 
trying to explain to the Telstra techs what a no-balled servant was doing
in my machine.

Thanks for your inputs,
Michael Lucas-Smith

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