Getting a static IP on ADSL

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Okay you will not get a static IP from Bigpond Broadband, you will have
to go through Bigpond Direct - it's the business focused area of
Bigpond.  From there you can get one but not at $100 per month it will
be more along the lines of $250 minimum for a 256/64 connection.

You are better of with Iprimus they will give you a 1.5/256 link with a
static for a low $319 per month with 1GB of traffic.  Still a little
expensive but for your needs probably a little excessive.  So I would
highly recommend getting the DynDNS, doesn't charge you a fee
for any of the 'free' subdomains of there's, but if you want your own
Domain name that is not one of there's then there is a $30 USD charge -
once of.

ADSL is not cheap to setup from the Telco's point of view, a lot of
equipment is needed in the exchanges, etc so they have to charge high
amounts, if business's weren't charged like they are then the home plans
would have to be more expensive.

The main diff between the Business plans and the Home plans from Telstra
is the number of extra user accounts that can be specified, normally you
only get 2 but with the business you can get 7.  However if you are
running a gateway with a single connection who needs the extra
accounts??  Maybe your worker has ADSL at home, but they have business
work to do so they log on using one of the extra ADSL Work Accounts from
Home, thus not costing them any traffic usage charges - work pays.  

Good luck.

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Hi again guys,

Ok I've gone through my budget and I think I can get enough money
for an ADSL connection afterall. However because I want to run my web
I'll need a static IP. Can anyone give me an idea of who and where I can
an ADSL link with a static IP at a reasonable cost? I can probably do up
$100 a month. Telstra's web site doesn't seem to able to give me a
answer and I really don't know of any other ADSL providers in Canberra
I'm guessing a few people on this list do. It's just a pity TransACT
be anywhere near my place until September.

Again any pointers would be immensely helpful.



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