Open source e-commerce or membership database needed.

Michael James michael at
Thu Apr 11 13:20:45 EST 2002

Dear Converted,

I've just come back from an encounter with the closed source community.
IIS, Cold Fusion, etc.  Wow, what an eye opener,
 standards of flexibility, reliability and security
 that would be a joke in this august community.

Which brings me to my question:

There was a lot of wisdom spilt on this list recently
 about the pros and cons of various databases,
 (most of which went over my head).

However starting off with a bare table
 and building a membership database record by record,
 form by form, cgi by perlscript,
 sounds a bit laborious and lonely.

Any open source projects that provide the basic functionality
 for organization members to login,
 update their address etc,
 even pay their subscriptions or conference fees (e-commerce)?

It would also be nice if it integrated with a listserver
 so the same login could be used to view and change mail-list subscriptions.

At pizza, I'm the bloke with the orange hair.

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