Perl, Python and noo perl SEC: UNCLASSIFIED

Jeremy jepri at
Fri Apr 5 21:51:12 EST 2002

> I actually think it stands a good chance to replace Perl, though
> should
> parrot be as good as proclaimed then it may simply just stand beside
> it
> as another useful tool.  On that subject, why the hell is parrot NOT a
> gcc thingy; like the ada, objective c, java, etc. thingies?  I would
> put
> up with random return types for months if they'd address that.

I take it you mean why isn't it a front-end to the gcc compiler?  Some 
of the tricks that perl does can only be done with some kind of virtual 
machine backend.

The other reason is that the parrot team want to be able to have 
frontends for Python, Java and C#.  There is an archive of relevent 
discussions at where the design team defend things like their 
choice of VM, etc.

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