Perl, Python and noo perl SEC: UNCLASSIFIED

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Fri Apr 5 21:32:48 EST 2002

On Fri, 05 Apr 2002, Cox, Neil wrote:
> Anyone on the list have experience with Ruby?  I've just started looking at
> it and I'm intrigued.

As am I.  Did I mention that if I had the time I would have used it to
learn Ruby and wrote this damned script in that instead?  Ruby also has
the features I needed, I just know it like I know left-handed mongolian
sanskrit.  ie, just enough to form a clueless opinion based on many
hours of complete inexperience ;-)

FreeBSD ports has a sysadmin tool to, well, manipulate and admin the
ports installed on the system, and it's all written in ruby.  I mention
this simply because I've observed that it gets updated at least 3 times
a week, if not more.  I'm not sure what you can gather from that - its
just an interesting statistic IMHO as the only real useful application
of ruby I've seen so far (through not looking, not through any fault of
ruby).  I patched a bug in an early version of it, the only ruby
programming I ever did.

I actually think it stands a good chance to replace Perl, though should
parrot be as good as proclaimed then it may simply just stand beside it
as another useful tool.  On that subject, why the hell is parrot NOT a
gcc thingy; like the ada, objective c, java, etc. thingies?  I would put
up with random return types for months if they'd address that.

(well, minutes perhaps ;)


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