Celebrity deathmatch: Larry Wall v. Guido van Rossum

Jeremy jepri at webone.com.au
Fri Apr 5 12:31:19 EST 2002

>Ahhhhhhhha. In the famous words of Yosemite Sam: "Of course, you know this means
>Firstly, in asnwer to your questions:
>    * I use my monitor in a room not a hall
>    * I drive a XJS V12 and it does MORE than 55kph in 1st!
>    * I don't wear underware except a g-string I put on once; but have never
been able to find to remove.
>    * I hardly ever f***ing swear.
>    * I have not ever brushed my teeth (I find the plaque acids breakdown the
foods better).
>NOW, give me one reason why perl is better than python! Go on, go on.......

Larry Wall has a higher charisma score, and wields a +1 keyboard of confusion.
 Guido van Rossum with his monocle of clarity has no chance...

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