fixed-freq monitor dual-head with XF86 4.1.0

Matthew Hawkins matthew at
Fri Sep 28 10:56:04 EST 2001

Hi everyone,

I scammed a Sun Microsystems CHB7727L 17" monitor (SN 365-1396) that was
lying around doing nothing.  From what I've discovered, it's a
fixed-frequency monitor that can do 1280x1024.  I can get it to work
fine at 640x400 as the second head on a G450.  640x480 gets the wobbles.
800x600 gets the "sync out of range" error, as does all modes up to
1280x1024 (which also gets the wobbles).

I'd like to cure the wobbles!  I've done all the usual stuff (search
google, look on sun's website, etc) even found a site (via google) at
the ANU with info on getting fixed frequency monitors to work on
XFree86.  It had sample modelines etc but nothing for this particular

Setting "SyncOnGreen" or "Composite" appears to have absolutely no
effect whatsoever.  The only thing I've noticed that's odd is in the
XFree86.0.log, the monitor detected by the X server on the second head
is actually the monitor attached to the first.  Could this be affecting



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