TransACT network

Simon Haddon simon at
Fri Sep 28 07:52:08 EST 2001

Wow.  I think I have TransACT envy.  I can't get hooked up till mid next 

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On 28/09/01, 3:57:46 AM, jeremy at wrote regarding TransACT 

> Woo hoo.  Just got hooked up today.  Now for the big question... what do
> I do with it?

> I haven't got an account with an ISP yet because I had been told that I
> could communicate with other people on the Transact network but I can't
> find any doco.  Could someone point me the right way?

> And can we do any neat stuff like run our own pppoe servers or
> something?  Probly not, but it would be fun.

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