PCI Cards - IDE Controllers

Irena and Richard Jenkins rjenkins at pop.alphalink.com.au
Thu Sep 13 09:22:09 EST 2001

A hardware question for you to ponder.

I have found no direct answer in the hardware howto.

My new hard drive isn't recognised by my bios.

Do I need to purchase a pci card with hard disk controller on it. 
They are avaiable in the magazines for 60 or 70 bananas.  Is such a 
card recognised by kernel 2.2 ??

Someone said just ignore the bios incompetence and go ahead ... the 
linux installer will find the hard drive even if the bios cannot?

There is the possibility of an upgrade on the bios.

Or I could buy a new motherboard ... sob!!   I need a socket 7 ... 
with support for the AMD2-350.

Please help me...

Irena and Richard Jenkins				       VK1NDV & VK1RJ
Canberra, Australia

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