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jeremy at itassist.net.au jeremy at itassist.net.au
Thu Sep 13 11:02:17 EST 2001

> My new hard drive isn't recognised by my bios.

> Someone said just ignore the bios incompetence and go ahead ... the 
> linux installer will find the hard drive even if the bios cannot?

Put /boot on your old drive and keep your bigger dirs like /var/ and
/home and /usr on the new drive.

I have my old 6gb bootstrapping my 40Gb.  Works fine.

> There is the possibility of an upgrade on the bios.

Almost never worth the hassle.

> Or I could buy a new motherboard ... sob!!   I need a socket 7 ... 
> with support for the AMD2-350.

They probably don't even make 'em any more.  Just drop $500 on the table
for a spanking new Ghz Athlon and board.

I/O, I/O,
It's off to disk I go,
A bit or byte to read or write,
I/O, I/O, I/O...

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