help! looking for a CVS person

Kearns, Terry terry.kearns at
Fri Sep 7 11:44:11 EST 2001

Our organisation has recently shifted focus onto doing more application
development work and as a result we have needed to implement version
control. I recommended and installed CVS because of it's seemingly good
reputation on the Internet and from the reading I have found time to do on

Unfortunately, none of us have experience with CVS or version control but we
kinda need to be using it "yesterday" because of all the emergencies
happening around here (partially due to people ignoring my requests to have
version control because "there's no time for that. we need to fix these
production issues first").

We would greatly appreciate it if someone with a few years commercial
experience with CVS could come in and give us some advice on how to put it
into practice. From what I understand, CVS does not solve your version
control problems, it merely provides a mechanism to implement good practice.
We just need maybe a day or so's worth of consultation to give us a leg up.

If you feel that you could assist, please respond to me off-list.

Thanks muchly.

We develop mainly on the windows platform so we are using cvsNT for our
repository server and winCVS for client access (with the TCL command line
capability built in). We have an Oracle DBA who is using Solaris so he will
want to access the repository from that platform. We used cvsNT to take
advantage of the NT authentication since it is intranet only usage (security
isn't our biggest concern). Note that the tools or the platform is not so
much an issue as is the CVS methodology.


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