Trashed Apache config

Richard Cottrill richard_c at
Wed Sep 5 00:00:34 EST 2001

I have an immense talent for busting stuff. Really.

I've managed to wipe-out my httpd.conf file. I can't figure out how to
extract a default one from the rpm either. All I want is the default and
I'll be a happy bunny.

I've been trying variations of:
	rpm2cpio apache-1.3.14-2.6.2.i386.rpm |
cpio --extract --no-absolute-filenames --dot etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
without any joy. I've come to suspect that the file is dynamically generated
(seems odd for a standard RPM, but it's a thought).

Can someone either tell me what's wrong with this command or just send me a
vanilla httpd.conf file that will suit. I promise to treasure it and backup

Thanks again,


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