Trashed Apache config

Steven Hanley sjh at
Wed Sep 5 09:19:57 EST 2001

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 03:00:34PM +0100, Richard Cottrill wrote:
> I have an immense talent for busting stuff. Really.
> I've managed to wipe-out my httpd.conf file. I can't figure out how to
> extract a default one from the rpm either. All I want is the default and
> I'll be a happy bunny.
> I've been trying variations of:
> 	rpm2cpio apache-1.3.14-2.6.2.i386.rpm |
> cpio --extract --no-absolute-filenames --dot etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
> without any joy. I've come to suspect that the file is dynamically generated
> (seems odd for a standard RPM, but it's a thought).
> Can someone either tell me what's wrong with this command or just send me a
> vanilla httpd.conf file that will suit. I promise to treasure it and backup
> regularly.

I dont know about extracting one file, in dpkg you can do 
dpkg -x something.deb somedir
which will extract the contents as if somdir were /

I assume rpm can do something simmilar, let me look up the manpage...

hm nothing stands out, you can probably extract the entire rpm with rpm2cpio
and cpio it to some directory though, you dont need to extract only one file,
when trying to extract only one file it probably fails becauuse the directory
structure underneath the file is not in place.

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