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Chris Gough c.gough at
Mon Sep 3 18:07:44 EST 2001

I have been lurking for a while, but this is my first post - hello

>G'day all,
>I remember seeing an ad about a linux based net connection box. i.e. it
>dials the net using an integrated or standalone modem and provides
>gateway functions.  I have a requirement for such a unit with integrated
>printer port.  I am trying to see if it is cheaper to get an old pc and
>configure linux or to buy a purpose built box.

Stephen, If you want to know how easy setting up a Linux gateway can be, you
should check out freesco ( It's at the simple end of the
Linux spectrum.

I use a p75 with no hard disk, fan (except in power supply), or monitor. The
whole system runs from a RAM disk (32Mb in my case, although i believe 8mb
is the minimum) and boots from a floppy. Once all the machines on the local
network have their DHCP leases, the floppy can even be write protected (with
this setup my gateway has recovered from a few power disruptions without any
intervention; the network returned with the electricity). "Installation"
involved answering a few questions on the command line ...and it has been
working silently ever since.

I could be wrong, but i seem to recall seeing printer support (and a few
other things that i left alone, such as SMB and HTTP proxy cache for those
people who want a hard disk in their gateway) that on the setup / admin

Chris Gough
(signature pending)

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