Linux based Net Connect appliance

Glen Cunningham glen20 at
Mon Sep 3 17:19:14 EST 2001

At 02:09 PM Monday 3/9/01, Stephen Hodgman wrote:
>G'day all,
>I remember seeing an ad about a linux based net connection box. i.e. it
>dials the net using an integrated or standalone modem and provides
>gateway functions.  I have a requirement for such a unit with integrated
>printer port.  I am trying to see if it is cheaper to get an old pc and
>configure linux or to buy a purpose built box.
>Anyone have any pointers to this unit please?
    Cheapest is high-end 486 (or low-end pentium) as a "headless" 
box.  Install any of the many Opensource firewalls.   My current preference 
is SmoothWall - 30M .iso download, easy to install, easy to configure - 
only one con, don't bother with their mailing-lists if you use .au in your 
email address :^(

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