Toshiba Tecra780DVD

Wayne Vovil kylixau at
Tue Jul 31 19:25:36 EST 2001

I have just installed Linux on Toshiba 2650XDVD and
had very few probs. I used SuSE 7.1 Prof though. I had
problems with Mandrake and RH; but hardly any with
SuSE. What is the config of the 780DVD? Let me know
and I may be able to give more specifics.


 --- Bob Edwards <Robert.Edwards at> wrote: >
Paul Matthews wrote:
> > 
> > G'Day All,
> > 
> > My friend lent me his Toshiba Tecra780DVD to
> install linux on (Mandrake
> > 8). It all goes well until the Xconfigurator
> stage, where no matter what
> > is choosen, all that results is a blank screen and
> a lookup. Any hints
> > here?
> > 
> > --
> > Paul Matthews
> I had a similar problem when I installed RH7.1 onto
> a Gateway laptop recently.
> Machine boots fine but when you start X, it all just
> locked up (actually, I
> think I could still log in with ssh, but not on a
> virtual console).
> I can't remember what Steven Hanley eventually did
> to make it work. I guess
> he might be able to help when he returns from his
> skiing trip. I think it
> might
> have been something to do with the keyboard or mouse
> configuration.
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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