Wanted: PCMCIA ethernet card

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Sun Jul 29 18:19:17 EST 2001

Ben Elliston wrote:
> My current 3Com card has been triggering a bug in the 3c575 driver for the
> last 12 months and I am now at my wits end.
> I am after a PCMCIA (type II) ethernet adapter that is known to work with
> Linux.  A 10/100 card would be nice, but for the right price, I could settle
> for 10Mbps.  Please contact me directly if you can help.
> Cheers, Ben

I use Xircom, D-Link and TrendNet PCMCIA wired Ethernet cards with no
problems at all. (I also use Aironet wireless cards with no problems).

You can buy Linux compatible PCMCIA cards from Cougar and most other
PC retailers.
I guess you have updated your kernel to see if the 3Com bug has been fixed?


Bob Edwards.

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