Maybe OT: Amavis

Stephen Granger linux-boy at
Thu Jul 26 13:10:23 EST 2001


Just wondering if any of you out there have been able to get the latest 
snapshot of amavisd running with sendmail 8.11.4 . I wasn't able to get the
libmilter libraries to link, and am trying to do it using the amavis mailer
way. I keep getting EX_TEMPFAIL messages, alone, without any other error 

Looking at the amavis.c code I see a fprintf to stderr before exiting with
the exit(EX_TEMPFAIL);


fprintf(stderr, "error doing task 1");

I'm getting the EX_TEMPFAIL message in my /var/log/maillog, though the message 
before isn't being received any where. No log file entries, no screen/console 
I don't believe it automatically redirects output to /dev/null... 

Yes, this may be off topic, but after two and a half weeks of trying to get it
going, I'm getting desparate, and yes, of course I've mailed the amavis-user
mailing, I encourage you to got take a look at the list archieves if you 
want to see the full details of my error message, rather then me reproducing
them here. 

Amavis is an email virus scanner



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