Anyone with RedHat 7.1 CDs near Dickson?

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Jul 26 00:26:33 EST 2001

Rasjid wrote:
> My RedHat 7.1 CD #2 that came with a recent APC mag broke the other day,
> upon removing from the new 'improved' cover one too many times (about
> 8-10 perhaps).
> Is there anyone who can lend me either a copy of the APC version, or
> failing that a normal version of RH 7.1.  The APC version would be good
> as I think it had some extra info on the rest of the CD.  I have a CD
> burner and some blanks, so I can copy it myself if necessary, or will
> replace with blanks any CDs provided.
> Cheers,
> Rasjid.

I can lend you a copy. I note that several people I know have had one or
both of the RH7.1 CDs from the APC cover simply split on them. In one case
the person rang the number on the back of the case and a new copy of all
three CDs in a jewel case was delivered within two days.


Bob Edwards.

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