Samba networking

Jeremy jeremy at
Wed Jul 25 23:24:54 EST 2001

> when you say it's not binding to ppp0, does this mean you can't reach
> it over the network, or that it's not listed when you do this?
> netstat --inet --all

Ooops sorry for that bit of confusion.  The server is on an ethernet
network operating through a gateway  has it's own IP address, etc.  My
problem is smbclient, which flat out refuses to try to connect to
anything other than my local network.  None of the (Linux) machines on
my local network, including the proxy, will even attempt to contact a
SAMBA server outside the network.  

Which is really annoying, becuase I have the routing set up fine, it's
just smbclient insists on doing it itself (and getting it very wrong).

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